Difference Between Road Transport India & U.S.A.

  •    Basic Definition:

    A type of transportation used to accompany a destination.
    Distinguished in three categories:                                                                                                                                          1. Private(Personal) Transport
    2. Public Transport
    3. Freight Transport

  • Full Blown Private Transport (More Wealthy in U.S.A.): United States of America is less
    populated and more wealthier compared to India, this is because of difference in type of Government,
    laws, and nature and size of resources that both countries has. One more valid point to the statement is,
    U.S.A. obtained their freedom from British rule much before India. Therefore, they received ample time
    to recover and build themselves as a superpower.
    Even with the rising cost of Petrol, Diesel, CNG and other fuels in both countries, fuel in U.S. is much
    cheaper compared to India. The cost of Petrol in U.S.A. is 57.56/litre (INR) whereas for India this
    number increases to 80.22/litre (INR). That’s the reason, private cars remains most economical and
    prevalent mode of transport in U.S. keeping in mind that freedom and flexibility you get with your own

  • Problems for Rural Areas:

    Some large cities in U.S. provide different method of
    transportation such as buses, cabs or trains. However, India’s most places provide very poor
    service in public transportation. The stops are not frequent neither well connected, cabs are
    rarely available in street corners, you may find them waiting outside Airports, Some big hotels or
    Casinos. There are Taxi companies in most metropolitan areas still operating in old traditional
    way which leads to the problem that you will have to call the taxi company to book the cab,
    you need to tell the dispatcher your location, destination and payment methods. The problem
    is still alive for the countryside population.
    Most long distance buses in U.S. have toilets, comfortable seats, are air conditioned in an affordable
    cost though it is regarded as a slow mode of transportation.

  • Dominance of Buses in India:

    In past few years India has connected the rural areas with core
    cities. Roads are joining the villages and towns and several new vehicles launched. The fact is hard to
    believe that buses make up to 80% of the public transport in India and serves as a
    cheap and convenient mode of transport for all classes of society. The arrival of OLA and UBER has
    created a buzz and they are in trend now a days. You can book cabs from your android phones using
    OLA or UBER apps. The high speed and traffic free Metro Railway has also attracted several eye-balls
    in different cities which provides air conditioned and cleaner coaches and takes less time to reach
    your destination as compared to other public transport. The launch of AC buses have kept
    competition alive and they are dominant. Moreover,

    Tata Company has a plan of launching electric buses to save fuel and avoid Air and Noise Pollution.

    So we can expect electric bus on streets of India in near future.1  Freight Transport : Has a sole purpose of transporting merchandise and goods.

    Truck Driving  : A Respected Job or An Insatiable Task.

    Truck accommodates heavy goods and delivers it in different cities safely. Truck driving is a
    respected and a disciplined job in United States. A Truck driver in U.S.A. can work
    maximum up to 12 hours a day, it is mandatory for them to register entries, exits, and daily
    wages in a log book. But for a country with billions of population, truck owners are insatiable.
    They want their workers(drivers and helpers) to work everytime for them. A driver in India works for
    an average of 15 hours a day. A substantial policy is opted in U.S where “Life Insurance is mandatory
    for every Driver” but the weeky part in Indian truck driving system is most of them does not even
    know about this rule.
    Technology has also bashed the circumstances in both countries. U.S.A. trucks are large, advanced,
    high speed, accelerates quickly, and requires less power as compared to Indian Trucks.

  •     The average distance that an Indian Truck covers in a day is 300kms. to 400kms, the average
    and maximum speeds are 30kms/hour and 50kms/hour. Whereas, high speed Trucks of
    U.S. runs an average of 700kms a day with an average and maximum speed of 88kms/hour
    and 130kms/hour.
    * U.S.A. possess a vast number of female drivers due to ease in driving and friendly rules.
    * India has some advantages of Public Transport over U.S. but Private and Freight Transport of U.S.
    takes away the lead. Though India is a developing country and we can expect it will raise the bar and
    standards of transport.